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The Top Secret, AQHA Stallion The Top Secret, The Top Secret Foals, The Top Secret 2006 Foals

3/2/01 - 5/22/14

Today, a very important part of my life is gone..... The Top Secret has been laid to rest. Words cannot describe this void and loss. Top Secret and his foals have brought more moments of JOY to me than I ever thought possible. What an unex...pected and beautiful gift he has been.
The genetic pool of the modern day Halter Horse has been enriched because of this stallions contribution. The Top Secret will surely go down in history as one of the most prolific sires of all time. He was truly the horse that validated my dreams and will be sorely missed. May he rest in peace. Clark Rassi

Sire: The Secret ~ Dam: Sierra Tease by Sierra Te

15.3H  HYPP N/H

photo taken by Craig Parmley - Summer 2013

Sierra Tease

Sire: Sierra Te
  Dam:  Pretty Nifty Mister

Sierra Tease is the dam of The Top Secret, Kidd Rock, and Call Me Tease. This is without a doubt one of the GREAT N/N Broodmares of all time.
  This picture was just taken 3/6/11

SierraTeaseMarch2011031 copy.jpg

SierraTeaseMarch2011033 copy.jpg SierraTeaseMarch2011035 copy.jpg

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